TAE KWON DO classes


Why learn Tae Kwon Do at YOUNG?  

Learn from the best!  6th Degree Master Instructor Kathy Do teaches all TKD classes.  She is a 3rd generation TKD Master Instructor, a USA National Team Member, World Championship 3 time Medalist (Silver, Bronze), holds a Masters Degree in Education, former Miami-Dade Public Schools teacher, SafeSport Certified Coach, and former Florida State TKD Association Board Member.  At YOUNG you will receive instruction from an experienced instructor in both TKD and education, with focus on character development through TKD.  

Lil Ninjas

AGES:  3-5 years old

DESCRIPTION:  To introduce your child to exercise and gain important motor skills and social skills in a warm and friendly structured environment. This class prepares children for formal Tae Kwon Do classes, with emphasis on positive reinforcement and fun through learning. This curriculum focuses on 8 major skills: focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination. Classes comprise of a variety of activities that are fun and educational. The skills learned in this class will help children improve their basic listening and motor skills, and prepare them to enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic approach.

Kids TKD

AGES:  K-4th Grade;  5-12 years old


DESCRIPTION:  A traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum, geared towards children.   Classes focus on developing character through Martial Arts, where all aspects of Tae Kwon Do are taught: Basics, Poomsae, Self Defense, Breaking, and Sparring. Children will enhance their focus, balance, discipline, fitness, coordination while learning traditional Tae Kwon Do and are taught to live in line with the tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Respect and Courtesy, Modesty, Self Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit.

Youth TKD

AGES:  5th-8th grade


DESCRIPTION:  Traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum geared towards older children/pre-teens.  

Teen/Adult TKD

AGES:  12+


DESCRIPTION:  Traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum for ages 13+.  Same components as Kids TKD, but at a faster pace and with added cardiovascular and fitness elements for improvement in overall health, strength, and wellness.    

Family TKD

AGES:  12+, and Families


DESCRIPTION:  Traditional TKD class for teen and adults, also open to any family units who want to train together and bond through TKD.


AGES:  5+

LEVELS:  Instructor Approval and Recommendation Required

DESCRIPTION:  Competitive Sport TKD.  This class is an option for those who wish to further their Tae Kwon Do education by competing in tournaments. This class is supplemental to the TKD program and is offered for those students who are committed to the rigorous training necessary for Competitive Sport TKD. Team Young competes at all levels, from local events, to National and International events. 

This class is designed to prepare Team Young to be competitive at all levels of competition. Curriculum includes strength and conditioning, endurance training, agility, speed, sparring, poomsae, and board breaking. Students will develop perseverance, dedication, respect, team work, and sportsmanship.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
— Neale Donald Walsh